Intrepid Women of the Great Identity Transduction

Culture was once fixed by ogres of men with guns and rockets sailed off through darkness to nowhere. Culture was once a policeman placed in our minds by opportunists with books that trap us in their dusty pages. Culture was once a tool to divide and conquer.

But now, the Identity Transduction is imminent. Fear may freeze us to the ground, so we will move the ground itself to free ourselves. The sign of the sun on the horizon is our guide. Change from within is our strategy. Art is our mechanism. Music brings us courage and awakens the sleeper.

All bands, all groupings, all genders, all ages may participate. Culture is ours to manufacture and manipulate as we see fit. We will become our dreams of freedom, and the ideas and guns that control us will burn in a giant shit pile with the devils that once lorded over us.

Take Control of the Media

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