One – Enter the Drone

War is the great driver of economic progress, and no country knows that better than the USA. American prosperity depends on selling war and devastation all around the world. When we can’t find brutal dictators to sell our weapons to, we sell them to our own police so they can terrorize less privileged urban areas.

Drones are the latest awesome invention of the American war machine. These fabulous creatures take the unpleasant right out of killing innocent people, making war into an armchair activity even for their operators. The Obama administration has been assisting the drone manufacturers with their lucrative proxy war in Pakistan and has pushed the drone revolution forward by leaps and bounds. It’s only a matter of time before the skies over America are also filled with drone activity.

I sometimes wonder what if the British had drones during the American Revolution. After all, America’s founding fathers were really just a pack of uncivilized Jihadist militants themselves.

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