Merdeka! The Struggle for Freedom in West Papua

Merdeka! The Struggle for Freedom in West Papua

Indigenous freedom fighters, isolated and outnumbered and with almost no weapons, wage a resistance struggle against a massive army and brutal police forces with US training and funding.

The U.N. sold out West Papua in 1961 under the New York Agreement. Indonesia took control under U.S. pressure. Since then, as many as half a million Papuans have paid with their lives.

Who is behind this evil insanity? U.S. mining company, Freeport-McMoran Gold & Copper, owns the world’s largest gold mine, Grasberg, in West Papua. These greedy companies – Freeport-McMoran, BP, Rio Tinto, Noble Group, and many others, pay the Indonesian military & police to terrorize innocent civilians, to rape, torture and beat them, force them off their land, and kill them.

Benny Wenda, Papuan leader in exile: “In West Papua, there is no freedom, only killing, intimidation, torture.”

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